Cyber Crisis Management Leadership Professional (C2MLP)

Cyber Crisis Management Leadership Professional (C2MLP)


Crisis leadership requires a unique set of competencies be called upon as the crisis evolves. During the early phases of a crisis, a leader’s decision making ability helps clearly articulate the crisis and drive activities. Perspective taking by the leader ensures an empathetic mindset focuses on the right audience during the crisis. Unfortunately, leaders often focus attention on the audience that yells the loudest while overlooking the audience most in need of empathy and action.

During a crisis there will be a large number of information sources contributing to possible confusion on behalf of the leader.  Effective crisis leaders have acquired the skills to sort through these and identify the most relevant factors then make decisions based on these.

This course teaches crisis leaders about the knowledge needed to be successful at managing a cyber crisis while ensuring bugs in the human hardware don’t interfere with this success.

This course couples online training with practical simulations conducted in a separate virtual reality environment.