Cyber Crisis Management Leadership Professional (C2MLP)


Effectively leading an organization's response to a major cyber attack requires a unique set of skills. Our Cyber Crisis Management Leadership Professional (C²MLP) executive education training program is designed to better prepare senior managers and executives to meet this unique challenge in order to reduce cyber risk impact and accelerate recovery to business as usual.

This is the third and final course in the Cyber Crisis Management Professional series. The first course is the Cyber Crisis Management Planning Professional (C2MP2). The second course is the Cyber Crisis Management Exercise Professional (C2MEP). Despite our recommendation that students complete the certification series, it is not required and each course stands alone and provides independent value.

There is no other program in the world similar to ours that is dedicated to reducing cyber risk and increasing organizational resilience through leadership capability development.


  • Course welcome

  • Course objectives

  • Incident response maturity

  • Incident response maturity phases

  • Anatomy of a cyber crisis response

  • Cyber crisis response structure and process flow

  • Issues with current management

  • The root cause of crisis management issues

  • Building credibility

  • Simulation 1

  • The value of maps

  • Military training mission

  • Managing risks

  • Making sense

  • 4-D sense-making

  • Storm-free zone

  • Simulation 2

  • External forces

  • Simulation 3

  • The power of recognition

  • Bugs in the human software

  • Simulation 4A & 4B

  • Simulation 5A & 5B

  • Cultural dimensions

  • Cultural dimension: country profiles chart

  • System 1 & System 2

  • Your frames

  • Blind spots

  • Simulation 6

  • Simulation 7

  • Simulation 8

  • Simulation 9

  • Simulation 10

  • The edge of chaos

  • Wanted: Crisis Leaders

  • Final immersion (12 simulation series)

  • Course review

  • End of course examination

    • Online​

    • 20 multiple choice questions

    • One hour

    • 70% passing score

    • Digital badge