Cyber Crisis Management Planning Professional (C2MP2)


This course is based on the book, Cyber Crisis Management Planning: How to reduce cyber risk and increase organizational resilience.  This course teaches students how to develop a cyber crisis management plan and supporting materials such as quick reference cards, templates, and checklists.  It also addresses how to training and organization on the use of a cyber crisis management plan, the essential project management activities involved in leading a project to develop a cyber crisis management plan, and how to plan, develop, and run cyber war game tabletop exercises.

Organizations globally are under constant attack from internal and external threat actors but often have blind faith that their information technology (IT) department's incident response plan will be adequate to address the response and recovery requirements for the entire organization.

This is the first course in the Cyber Crisis Management Professional series. The next course is the Cyber Crisis Management Exercise Professional (C2MEP). The final course is the Cyber Crisis Management Leadership Professional (C2MLP). Despite our recommendation that students complete the certification series, it is not required and each course stands alone and provides independent value.

As a certified Cyber Crisis Management Planning Professional (C²MP²) you will have the knowledge to help organizations prepare for a major cyber crisis by leading the development of an integrated plan that serves not only IT but also functional business and operational groups required to maintain resilience.


  • Course welcome

  • Course objectives

  • Course structure

  • Getting started

  • Core sections

  • Appendices

  • Response process flow

  • Response process flow: Phases

  • Response process flow: Roles

  • Response process flow: Activity Descriptions

  • Response process flow: Activity Codes

  • Functional incident response plans

  • Functional incident response plans: Detailed

  • Building functional incident response plans

  • RACI matrix

  • Functional incident response plans: Summary

  • Linking the summary and detailed plans

  • War rooms and bridge lines

  • War room equipment

  • War room supplies

  • Bridge lines

  • Progress spot check

  • Teams and roles & responsibilities

  • Contact lists

  • Working groups

  • Example working groups

  • CCMP ownership

  • CCMP governance

  • Incident impact categories, scales, and scores

  • Cyber attack and response anatomies

  • Cyber crisis information form

  • CCMP checklists

  • CCMP templates

  • Quick reference cards

  • Sample quick reference card: EIC

  • Change control and release planning

  • Project planning

  • Project phases

  • Training the organization

  • Training slides

  • Tabletop cyber war exercises

  • Tabletop exercises vs. Immersive operational simulations

  • Exercise risk scenarios

  • Exercise roles and responsibilities

  • Exercise logistics

  • Exercise materials

  • Exercise execution

  • Exercise conclusion

  • After-Action Reports

  • Course review

  • End of course examination

    • Online​

    • 50 multiple choice questions

    • Two (2) hours

    • 70% passing score

    • Digital badge